Women are Amazing.

You’re mothers, business women, athletes and fundraisers.  You do so much.  And Twete Bird wants to help you accomplish all you aspire to, by making your life a little easier.  No matter what you do, we want you to look good doing it…no fuss, just fabulous fit and fashion!

Slip on one of our fresh, hip head bands and experience a hair-DO sensation for every occasion.  We use gorgeous, vibrant designer ribbons, lined with velvet, to create chic, comfortable anti-slip headbands you can wear when you play tennis, clean floors, run marathons, travel or dance the night away.    They won’t slip, so you can stop worrying about your hair and concentrate on more important things, like that cute guy you see jogging in the park every day.

From polka dots to florals, safari prints to French couture we have a headband in colors and prints to match every lifestyle.  Slip one on and spread your wings. No-care hair is just a headband away with Birde Bands.  It’s time to take back your life.